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With HomecareHub, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs.

The optimal hospital at home platform for long-term, chronic-care management.


Voice and video medication reminders



Voice-activated “Call the Nurse” for questions



Voice-activated “Call for Help” with 24/7 urgent response center and the option to triage patients to providers


HomecareHub provides secure, HIPAA compliant voice and video communications.
  • Hospital at Home
    Hospital at Home

    ​Amid the pandemic, "hospital at home" programs are taking off across the U.S. thanks to communications technology, portable medical equipment and teams of doctors, nurses, X-ray techs and paramedics.

  • Advanced Patient Discharge
    Advanced Patient Discharge

    • Add HomecareHub​ • Reduce Readmissions

  • Discharged, but not Disconnected
    Discharged, but not Disconnected

    • Reminders, Video & Voice​ • Engage, Connect, and Protect

  • HomecareHub

    • Next-Gen Homecare​ • Chronic Care Management Reduces unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions. 24/7 Voice-Activated Access to Private Duty Urgent Response.

  • Medication Reminders
    Medication Reminders

    • Voice & Video​ • In Every Room

  • Call the Nurse
    Call the Nurse

    For Questions

Care That's Always There

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Designed to reduce hospital readmissions with select, at-risk populations for long-term use or targeted short-term use (4 to 6 weeks).

Automatic Hub Setup

On delivery, just plug it in. Everything is fully pre-programmed. Including built-in cellular Wi-Fi  that runs on over 200 networks.  Simple.

Whole Home Coverage

Deliver important reminders by voice and video. Call the Nurse for questions or Call for Help from any room, available 24/7.

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All Plans Include 600X600

All solutions include

  • Voice-Activated Phone Calls
  • Automated Medication Reminders
  • 24/7  Professionally Monitored Call for Help
  • Improves the Social Determinants of Health
  • Secure, Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Networks

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