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Emergency Telehealth Initiative For Assisted Living Facilities

Emergency Telehealth Initiative For Assisted Living Facilities

Company Provides Telehealth Q Tablet PCs to Minimize Exposure to Coronavirus

17 March 2020

During the coronavirus crisis, our nation's top doctors urge older adults, the most vulnerable, to avoid crowded medical facilities and first consult a doctor virtually if they feel sick. As senior living communities move to limit residents' exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Q Tablet for Telehealth is being deployed to independent and assisted living communities across America to help older adults receive non-emergency care while avoiding risky trips to the doctor's office or hospital.

Florida-based Constant Companion, a voice and video technology company, announced it will make these Q Tablets available to senior living communities anywhere in the U.S. for a minimal monthly cost. The tablets give the residents and nursing staff secure access to non-emergency care from the comfort and safety of their rooms. The Q Tablet for Telehealth may be rented for a cost of $25 per month including cellular high-speed internet.

The secure, high-speed Q Tablet for Telehealth is pre-loaded with apps from top-rated telemedicine providers, allowing U.S. Board-Certified doctors to make "video house calls" and write prescriptions. Constant Companion will begin shipping the tablets nationwide this week.

"This is a critical time for the health of our nation's seniors, and we are the technology partner for America's assisted living facilities from coast-to-coast," said Mark Gray, CEO and founder of Constant Companion, LLC. "As the infection rate of COVID-19 continues to grow, we are committed to protect residents and staff members in senior care, so they stay safe. We are proud we can move quickly and provide potentially life-saving devices." Any profits from the device rentals will be donated to charity by the company.

Consider this:

  • The Trump administration advises nursing homes to suspend all nonessential medical visits.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Surgeon General have issued recommendations for anyone experiencing possible coronavirus symptoms to first consult virtually with a doctor.
  • Emergency coronavirus legislation passed this month greatly expands Medicare coverage for telemedicine use.
  • Many older adults in senior care communities don't have easy access to personal computers, smartphones, or tablets used to consult with physicians online.

The Q Tablet for Telehealth:

  • Comes enclosed in a protected carrying case and includes an initial supply of hospital-grade alcohol wipes for cleaning between sessions.
  • Offers a selection of pre-loaded telehealth apps that are ready to go. Enter the client's health insurance and start a session in minutes.
  • To order a tablet, call sales at 941.877.4000.
  • Constant Companion offers over-the-phone tutorials and will soon have an online tutorial available.
  • Learn more with this short video.


About Constant Companion - Constant Companion utilizes voice technology and video to create engaging experiences for older adults and senior communities. The company's mission is to make people's lives better by increasing connection and protection. Constant Companion's systems are supported by advanced security to protect privacy and professional monitoring 24/7 that is voice activated eliminating the need for wearable devices. The company protects individuals living alone and partners with home care providers and assisted living facilities in approximately 200 cities nationwide.

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, Constant Companion may be reached at 941.877.4000 or by email Visit online at





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