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Constant Companion Releases AI-Powered Voice System for Seniors

Constant Companion Releases AI-Powered Voice System for Seniors

15 March 2021

Constant Companion, a provider of voice-operated, artificial intelligence-powered platforms for smart speakers, is introducing Companion 4.0 for older adults and their caregivers.

Companion 4.0 features a smart router that offers users a plug-and-play solution for reliable connections. It integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to provide a virtual voice assistant, patented voice-activated "Call for Help" that connects the user in any home emergency to urgent response agents. As part of the monthly subscription service, older adults can use the smart devices for audio and video calls, to access information or entertainment, or communicate with family and caregivers.

"Almost everyone has someone they love who may need a bit of help. Our mission at Constant Companion is to make people's lives better. To do that, we use empathy, data, and voice technology to create engaging experiences that are purpose-built to keep our clients more engaged, connected, and protected, 24/7," said Mark Gray, CEO and founder of Constant Companion, in a statement. "I was inspired to create Constant Companion after experiencing first-hand the challenges of caring for my own family. We're definitely making excellent progress improving care and quality of life."





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