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71st AHCA/NCAL Virtual Convention & Expo

71st AHCA/NCAL Virtual Convention & Expo

Voice Technology as a Quality Initiative for Assisted Living

22 October 2020

As residents of Assisted Living Facilities (“ALF”) progressively age, so do the demands for greater levels of care - compounding demands on staff and operational costs. How do we leverage technology to improve operations and save time and money, while improving the quality of life for staff and residents?

Discover how AI powered voice technology is providing a quality differentiator for marketing, nursing, operations and the resident’s experience. Decrease stress and improve response time with campus-wide and nurse-to-resident communications using a “secure intercom.” Increase safety and reduce isolation by engaging staff and residents with tech that works with your natural spoken voice.

Join us for a review of a remarkable case study showing how an ALF in Virginia achieved positive results within the first 60 days of implementing a voice activated speaker system throughout the facility. Results included improved engagement for their residents, better utilization and satisfaction of staff, and a competitive advantage in their local market.

Learning objectives:
  • Describe three potential negative impacts of isolation on ALF residents and how that impacts the ALF.
  • Describe three ways AI voice technology is being used in ALFs to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve quality of life for residents.
  • Describe three ways AI voice technology can be used to improve utilization of staff and employee morale.





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