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Care That's Always There About Constant Companion

Our mission at Constant Companion is to make people’s lives better. Backed by innovative AI voice and video technology, we are changing the world of caregiving.

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Purpose, meaningful work, making a difference

Talking to others is a basic human need, also is the need for security and protection. Our friendly systems bridge the gap between the times that a human caregiver is there to help. We are a link between technology and people. 

Our service helps others in ways that no other company in the market is doing – providing multi-faceted benefits from the practical to the leading edge. 

We are more than just voice technology. We are leading the way for everyone to use technology in a way that makes life better.

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Helping caregivers provide 24/7 support

Supporting the invaluable work that caregivers do day-in-day-out, Constant Companion helps keep people engaged, connected and protected, 24/7. Our voice-activated systems are in homes and senior communities across the US. They are simple, easy to use, fun, entertaining and affordable. Our business customers are using our technology to communicate, educate, empower and engage their customers, clients, and patients.  

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We believe

that the trust our customers place in us demands the highest level of honesty and integrity.

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We believe

that enjoyment is necessary to live a fulfilled life.

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We believe

in taking responsibility and being responsive to the needs of our customers, our colleagues, and our community.

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