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CASE STUDY:  Visiting Angels®, Constant Companion's Premier Partner

CASE STUDY: Visiting Angels®, Constant Companion's Premier Partner

Visiting Angels becomes pioneers in technology assisted home care with the first home care partnership with Constant Companion.

30 November 2021

Visiting Angels is a leading provider of home care services, serving clients for more than 25 years with offices nationwide. In 2018, Visiting Angels became the first home care agency to recognize the benefits and value of the Constant Companion system for their home care clients. 

Home care from Visiting Angels makes aging in place possible for millions of seniors every year. As one of the country's most trusted home care agencies in the country, Visiting Angels provides care for independent older adults across the U.S. Their in-home care services for the elderly make daily living safer and more enjoyable, allowing seniors to spend their golden years in the comfort of their own home. The addition of digital care to support their clients and caregivers is one of the many ways Visiting Angels teams up to provide the best care possible for their clients.

Visiting Angels services include a wide range of basic caregiving tasks, such as light housekeeping, help with errands, and meal preparation. Advanced care is also available. These services are often performed for a set number of hours each day with the older adult often being alone in the home the rest of the day. Visiting Angels chose to offer Companion Home Systems to bridge the gap in care while protecting the privacy and safety of their clients.


Challenge: Limited hours of service may leave some older adults alone for many hours each day, without help in an emergency and without interaction.

Solution: Constant Companion provides a smart speaker that uses artificial intelligence to interact with older adults, provides reminders for medications, enables easy video calling with family, and enhances safety with a patented call for help feature. It bridges the gap between the time when a human caregiver is there to show compassion and empathy until they are back the next day.

Results: Older adults are more engaged, connected, and protected and their families and caregivers have more peace of mind. Access to help in an emergency can be lifesaving. In addition, smart speakers provide an easy way to stay connected to others. Studies are being done to show how the ongoing interaction with a virtual assistant may help alleviate loneliness.


Together, Visiting Angels and Constant Companion are the perfect combination for amazing care.



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