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Mark Gray | CEO, Constant Companion

Mark Gray | CEO, Constant Companion

Mark Gray | CEO, Constant Companion

16 June 2021

Mark Gray, the Founder, President and Chief Technical Officer for Constant Companion, launched the company in 2016. Having worked in cyber and physical security since 2013, Mr. Gray has been responsible for developing, managing and securing our nation’s critical infrastructure to solve problems of vital importance to the U.S. federal government. He now applies his knowledge of technology and security to serve several of our most vulnerable populations. His expertise in voice technology encompasses the use and impact in personal security, home care, assisted living and long-term care. Mr. Gray is driven to lead transformational change – bringing together amazing people, technologies and opportunities. Over the past 20 years, he served on multiple Boards of Directors for technology and security companies. Mr. Gray has managed successful entrepreneurial ventures since his senior year in college. He is a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.





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