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18 January 2022

In Case You Missed It 

Consumers perceive saving using smart home technologies


MIT AgeLab and The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. teamed up for this study. The researchers surveyed housing, aging, and technology experts on the potential benefits of smart home technology for the growing age 50-plus demographic.  Safety and security ranked as the greatest benefit for deploying devices in existing homes.  Read all their findings here.


What’s Next for Senior Living

Top 4 Senior Living Tech Trends for 2022 - Senior Living Foresight

Senior Living Foresight makes four bold predictions for 2022.  Impactful technology, trust, and personalization are the underpinnings of their predictions.  Start your new year off right with goals that align with these trends for success.


Rural America Lacks Local Healthcare

Rural Communities Left Hurting Without a Hospital, Ambulance or Doctors Nearby | Kaiser Health News (

Twenty percent of Americans live in rural areas.  Ten percent of doctors practice in rural areas.  Lack of access puts millions of Americans at higher risk for untreated conditions and death, especially with the pandemic raging across our nation and southern Georgia is hit especially hard.  Read more about the crisis in this article from the Kaiser Family Foundation.


What is an omnichannel healthcare experience?

Why it’s time to invest in a long-term digital front door strategy - MedCity News

Think of technology beyond the world of telehealth.  Start the new year by constructing a plan with the right tools and strategies to attract and retain your consumers. Yesterday’s patients are today’s consumers that expect an individualized healthcare experience (HX). 

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