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12 Christmas-themed fun things to try using your Companion system

20 December 2021

Need a little entertainment while you're wrapping presents and decking the halls? Let Alexa help keep things joyful or let Google make you giggle.

Try these 12 skills of Christmas using your wake word, typically Alexa or Hey Google:

  1.   (Alexa) Start sleigh bells./(Google) Make a jingle bell sound.
  2.   What is the history of Twas the Night Before Christmas?
  3.   Sing a Christmas carol.
  4.   What are the names of Santa's reindeer?
  5.   Tell me a Christmas joke.
  6.   (Alexa) What is Santa doing right now?/(Google) What's going on at the North Pole?
  7.   What do you want for Christmas?
  8.   (Alexa) What's the best toy for an 8-year-old boy?/(Google) How many days until Christmas
  9.   Who is the Grinch?
  10.   How do you spell Ebenezer Scrooge?
  11.   Who was Ebenezer Scrooge?
  12.   Play Joy to the World radio.


We wish you peace, love, and joy this beautiful holiday season!

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